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Below you will find charts and MP3 demos of songs that I have written and used in worship.

I am currently working on a worship album that will include complete productions of these songs, and allow you to hear what I had in mind for the arrangements.  MP3s of the fully produced tracks will be available for purchase online.

Simple piano/vocal demos and the charts will always be free of charge.

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You Are So Good to Me
                                 Chart  | 
March 8, 2005                                                            

I had just left the house on my way up to the church.  God had given me a song idea, and I had jotted it down in my notebook.  I was excited to get to a keyboard and flesh out the idea.  On the thirty minute drive to the church, I worshiped God and thanked him for the song idea.  As I worshiped, "You Are So Good to Me" began pouring out of my spirit. 

This song has blessed our fellowship, and we sing it often.  It's a bit odd to have a worship tune with a 3/4 tempo, but played with a triplet feel, it works.  And the song that God initially gave me that day in March?  Well, it's still in the greenhouse, waiting on its perfect time.