Many times when you read someone's bio, it sounds almost like their mother wrote it.  They list an array of great accomplishments, and you are left with the feeling that, "Wow, this is a really important person that has all their stuff together!"

Well, if you know anything about me, you know that's far from the true picture.  My stuff is far from being together, and many of the pieces of my life that God has put back together are still healing.  If you look closely, you'll see the cracks in the clay where the glue's still drying.  I've had it all, lost it, and God has restored it again.

God is creative, and He's constantly working on refining and finishing the work that He began in me.

Where I've been, who I've worked with, and what I've done aren't important.  What is important is Who God is and what He has done.  He rescued me from sin.  He blessed me with a loving, nurturing, and forgiving family.  He allows me to lead worshipers into His presence.  He gives me new songs.  He knows me, and still He loves me.

- Facts -
On February 2, 2002, I married my best friend, Krisha.
I'm the proud father of an awesome teenager, Blaine [15], and Devany [10], the softest-hearted girl ever.
I live just northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
I like horses, scuba, soccer, and sushi.

- Who I Am -
Child of God, husband, father, son, brother, friend.

- Hats I Wear -
Worship pastor, musician, songwriter [receiver],
singer, audio engineer & producer.